Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Got Back from N-Resort Jamaica

Another glowing report of the Newest Nude Resort in Jamaica
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N Resort Jamaica

I have been back from N Resort  for 1 week now and I still have the place on my mind. We have been to almost  every resort in Jamaica that you can be nude and  this one is my favorite. I really liked how small the place is and how  private it is. No worries that someone from outside the resort walk by, they  cannot. There was no one too been seen! There is the little place called  Time N Place just next door but we never saw anyone there the whole time we  were there. If you go for a walk along the beach as soon as you pass Time N  Place you could walk for about an hour nude with no chance of seeing anyone,  if you do see someone they are from N resort, it truly is a nice walk and  worth enjoying every day. As for the resort…. It is a very nice place, the  pool is right in the middle of the resort with a waterslide that I am not  sure they will keep it too much longer, there was talk when we were there to  maybe take the slide out to be able to use the swim up bar better, right now  the slide blocks it off quite a bit. The pool is a good size and a good area  for volleyball. The staff was very nice and discreet, the service was good  and the food was very good. The cleaning ladies did a wonderful job of  keeping the room clean twice a day, always fresh towels and never missed  anything in the room. The day bed on the balcony was a plus, when you want  to just relax or have a morning coffee this was a great place to sit and  look at the ocean. We spent every night sleeping with the windows open;  sleeping with the sound of the waves, not using the A/C in Jamaica was a first for me but  with the rooms being so close to the ocean the breeze was good, we slept  like babies….. As for the drinks, they were good and yes they do have top  shelf alcohol and the beer is Red stripe. The resort even provided drink  service on the new dock that was built on the ocean and lunch service around  the pool. Freddie the manager was always around and takes the time to talk  to the guest for their opinion and input. He is a very nice man. The days  were lazy & relaxing. The beach is nice with soft sand and a beautiful  view. They work very hard at keeping the beach clean so it always looks  nice. 2 Hot tubs just off the pool on each side, very convenient with the  beach grill and bar just a step from the hot tub. Makes drink refills very  easy to acquire. We loved our trip to N resort and we will be going  back. I am looking forward to returning and see how this place will evolve  and become a great place to vacation. Like you have heard this is not Hedo  but we sure did have some fun during the evening shows after diner, things  that could not have been done in a regular resort….. Everyone we met there  had been to Hedo and was trying this place out and from the people I spoke  with everyone enjoyed this place and was happy to see that they now have a  new option in Jamaica.

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