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N-Resort Jamaica Trip Review from Another Happy Go Classy Client

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N Resort Dates 5/4/2011 thru 5/11/2011
This was our 1st visit to N. It’s been 3 years since our last visit to Jamaica. GL Braco had been slipping in service so we went elsewhere. With Braco closing there are very few places that we could try and we wanted to return to Jamaica. N was offering what we wanted at a good price so we signed up for a week. This was our 30th trip to Jamaica, most being to Braco and a few being to Hedo and GL Negril. We were looking for a quiet venue and reviews were positive for the most part. We took Jet Blue from Orlando to MoBay about 1hr 45min.

Customs and immigration are much improved, as was baggage. The most irritating part was the waiting for the bus ride as well as the beer stop. Total for this was about 1hr and 30min. I have inquired about a taxi estimate is about $60 to $70 for two. Agree on the price first. A young couple did not and we viewed the major hassle at the front desk on our way to something.

Check In was quick and we were off to room in about 5 minutes. OK First impression was what did we get into. The resort needs maintenance and has lots of plants. Pool area needs work recliners are old shade appears limited as do the number of patrons. As the week went on it did not seem to be as big an item.
Pool View
The grounds were lovely!

Beachfront rooms are clean andspacious. Bed mattress is firm. 
Love the Beds!!!!
 Bathroom clean needs work. 
Water was hot and pressure usually very good. 
Nice Size Shampoo & Conditioner
How cute is this!

A Full Size Bar of Soap
I wish I was this talented.

There is something like a single bed on the Lanai with a firm mattress covered by a clean sheet that is very nice to Relax on in the AM for coffee or after a day at the pool prior to dinner. The constant breeze is wonderful. Very easy to talk with your neighbors. Note. The walls are thin.
Room with a VIEW!
 Food. All meals are A La Cart, portion size was very nice, and the food quality preparation and taste good. No worry about going home plus 5 lbs. unless you requested seconds. There were two meals at the Italian restaurant both were very good. Daily breakfast was very nice and the smoothies appeared to be very popular. Lunch by the pool had a variety that included burgers, fries, wraps etc. You would not go hungry. Snacks mostly popcorn were put out about 5 PM.
Yummy to the tummy!
Pool and Hot tubs. Both need work. “Soon Come” The water slide is fun and Leon the “entertainment coordinator”
Andrea Hutchinson Owner of Go Classy Tours & Leon
does try to get the guest involved. If you seek shade the pool area is limited as are the number of umbrellas. We did not have a problem because of the low numbers of guest. 
Pool Area
Occupancy. We arrived on May 4 for 7 days. First two days 20 guest. The weekend there was 6 of us. By the following Tuesday total was back up to 20 or 22 with more arrivals due on Thursday. The staff and resort made Mothers Day special with a flower and T-shirt for the ladies. Also, Atlantic salmon was a special addition to the dinner menu that night.

Booze. Lots of the typical rum drinks. There were some good whiskies. I drink Walker Black there was none. When I asked it took a day or so but it became available.
Evening entertainment. Some of the usual stuff fire guy and Big Momma. There were several evenings with musicians that were very good. Not just Reggie but Oldies, Easy Listening, Kenney Rodgers and some country. The guest enjoyed this quite a bit.
Drinks for everyone!
I tried to catch him blowing it out ;)

Thing’s that need to be mentioned. We had booked an Ocean view and were upgraded to a beachfront. 

 Our return trip to the airport was by Private car very nice.
We walked over to SuperClubs Trelawney Resort to visit Carl, Tamika and Ann Marie Goffe, very old friends from Braco. Nice looking.but!!! No way would I stay, KIDS, NOISE way to many people that do not know what AN is.

Summary. There are a limited number of resorts that offer AN. I hope N can make a go of it. I will be keeping track and may return in November for Thanksgiving. As with most vacations we made new friends and had an enjoyable time. For those that recognize us from the trip report: I hope you all made it home safe and sound.

PS Gym has 2 Treadmills, 3 bikes, and weight machines.

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