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N-Resort - Jamaica Newest Nude Resort

We had a wonderful experience!
Vacation at the N-Holidays Resort!!
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At first we were a little skeptical....but then came the nice review on another travel board, right before we left...and N-Holidays Resort had a very enticing "all-inclusive" offer as we gave it a shot, and had a FANTASTIC week in Jamaica!!! The first thing that I would like to share is that the "entire" staff is phenomenal! I am going to take the time to list some names that we learned along the way...and let me say this, if I know and am aware of all of these people at the N-Holidays is just another affirmation that the visit there; was made to be very personal and rocked with EXCELLENT customer service!
Upon our arrival, Nicola greeted us with a beautiful smile, and gave us our choice of Rum Punch and/or a glass of Ice Water. The ride from the MBJ was not very long at happy to say that we were not weary from the bus ride. (we had an awesome bus driver too!!) A couple of more wonderful people behind the front desk are Raymond and Michael. They too...had great smiles! I believe that they were truly happy to see us arrive...yeah!
The foliage is absolutely beautiful! (I have included plenty of pictures for you to see) One of the Groundskeepers was named Byran. Very, very nice...and he does an outstanding job of maintaining the grounds. I know that he works with others...and my apologies, as I did not get their names to share with you. I was also in need of some Aloe...and Byran went right out and cut me a piece, and hand delivered it. I learned for the first time how to correctly prepare fresh Aloe for application. Amazing!
Freddy is the General Manager for the property...and we found him to be very approachable....actually, everyone was, but Freddy was open to suggestions and/or comments from his guests. Leon is the Food & Beverage Manager...and he went out of his way to make sure that all of us were happy. Example: The day before we were supposed to leave, we were having a conversation with Leon...and he was asking Glenn and I how everything had been...and Glenn shared with him that one of his favorite desserts was the "Chocolate Truffle." (simply amazing!!) Glenn also shared with him that they had only had the "Chocolate Truffle" one time since we had been there...and so Leon surprised us, and had the Pastry Chef prepare some "Chocolate Truffles" for our last dinner there. OMGoodness...they are delicious!! How special is that???
The food was delicious too. The Jerk Chicken/Pork were outstanding...the Jerk Sauce has a little heat in it...but that's what Jamaican Jerk Sauce is all about...right? They also gave cooking we all received recipes and instructions on how to prepare some delectable dishes at home. We had Snapper, Tilapia, Tuna, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, and some amazing local Jamaican dishes...and all of them were very tasty. Some other entrées that they had were not so tempting to our pallets...but they made many others very happy; Curried Goat, Corned Beef Hash, Ox Tail Soup (the Pumpkin Soup was yummy!)...fresh fruit that was very sweet...cheeses of all kinds...and the normal breakfast buffet. Chef Sterling, Jeffrey, Samuel and the rest of the restaurant staff prepared some mighty delicious meals. Breakfast was buffet style...with Samuel making eggs and omelets to order. Perfect!
Shantel and Venus were leading the pool activities, and they too are awesome! We had some great Volleyball games…and then there were other pool activities that were a lot of fun too! Oh, we had the "big slide" competition as well. Venus would time the slide down...and everyone was getting into it. It was a blast! 
There was a lot of laughing and camaraderie much of the time that we were there. There was also plenty of "quiet" time, anytime you chose. Kudo's to Shantel and Venus! Asha was also a lot of fun in the VB games.
Pamelina…the Bar Manager always was there to make sure that everyone was being taken care of. She too…has a very nice smile, and always a warm greeting. Kerry, Michael, and Geoffrey took great care of all us with our favorite drink requests. Great job guys! Sanchez and Julius did an excellent job with the Pool Bar Food....very tasty, and always hot-to-serve.
Leecia is the head of Entertainment...and she too gave 100%. Our favorite night of entertainment was when Mystic Vibes played, and we all danced. Geoffrey, one of the bartenders is also the electric bass player in Mystic Vibes.....they were awesome! Thank you Leecia for the entertainment!
Collins is in charge of the Water Sports...many things were available for us to do...but it was a bit windy most of the days. However, there were Kayaks, Canoes, snorkeling equipment, the Glass Bottom Boat and the Diving boat...readily available.
Megan and Latoya...and there were a couple of others in the dining serve us with a smile, and kind greetings. I know that I am missing some names here sorry…but everyone was amazing! I think that there was Kevon and Dwayne...and a couple of others.
Paethena was our Housekeeper, and she did an amazing job! Every day, there were fresh flowers on our bed with a new "towel" design, and the room was spotless. Thank you Paethena for an amazing job! 
The beach was very nice...plenty of chairs to lie on, and bar service was made available to all of us, no matter where you were. On the the pool....very nice! Be sure to take water shoes with you...preparation for sea urchins, and a few rocks in some areas. The beach was raked everyday...sometimes, more than once. We really appreciated all of the effort that went into making us all comfortable.
I give N-Holidays Resort a 5-star for their category. I realize that when someone rates a resort and/or a hotel a 5-star....that they are probably referring to luxury...but I rate this a 5-star, not because the amenities are the finest...but because of the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, THE GREAT FOOD, THE ACCOMODATIONS (always clean and comfortable) If you choose to go to Jamaica for a relaxing vacation...then the N-Resort Holidays is the place to visit. The rooms are not luxurious...but they are definitely nice! Small bed...the bed is pretty firm (so if you like soft and fluffy, you won't get it) the bathroom is not updated...but it is completely clean and very functional. 
We were told before we left that the resort is filling up for Valentine's Day...yeah!! There were not a lot of people there while we were there...approx. 50 (which was awesome!) but the people that we met while at the N-Resort Holidays were so much fun, and many if not all of us...left with phone numbers and email that we can stay in touch with each other. The plan return, same time and place in 2012.

Thank you to everyone at the N-Resort Holidays for making our trip to Jamaica very special! Our time back to Jamaica will soon come...and we look forward to seeing all of you once again. Peace out.....

PS The word NO was never used at the was always "no problem mon!"
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